Q:  Do you have to have a reservation?
A:  Yes.  We require a reservation in order to keep the number of attendees at a reasonable and manageable number.  Sorry, but walk-ups are not guaranteed.  

Q:  How do you pay?

A:  You can either pre-pay via the website or pay with cash at the time of the tour.  

Q:  Is the website secure?

A:  Yes!  We have firewalls for the website itself, the form used for the reservation, and Stripe which obtains your credit card information.  We have three separate forms of security set up for your protection.  

Q:  What is this tour about?

A:  The Ghost Hunt is approximately 2-hours long.  It is a walking tour.  You will also see sights, learn some history, and visit known haunted locations.  By doing the tours in the afternoon, we have access to buildings that we would not later on in the day.  

Q:  How is this different from a "ghost tour"?
A:  We will tell stories...tons of them.  They are all from eyewitness accounts and from documented sources.  We will also use instruments to detect the paranormal, such as EMF meters and thermometers.  

Q:  How often are tour cancelled?
A:  Rarely do we have to cancel a tour, but at times, we must.  This is a small company, and we have one tour guide, so there is no backup guide, because she wants you to have the BEST!  Also, we may cancel if the weather poses a danger (ice, lightning, tornadoes, etc.)  If the required minimums are not met, we will have to cancel due to the operational costs and FUN-FACTOR!  

Q:  What if it rains?
A:  Bring an umbrella.  
This still doesn't answer all your questions?  You can email us at info@hickchicktours.com.