GHOST HUNT TOURS                     


If you like to be spooked, hear stories of Nashville's haunted past, or just like "spirits", our GHOST HUNT will give you all that and more!  These aren't bland stories as you sit at a table and chit-chat.  All the stories are told from our enthusiastic tour guide whom is also a Nashville native.  Each pub that we go to will have incredible music, interesting atmosphere, and great service.  And did we mention that you will receive discounts at each of the pubs that we go to?  You will learn about Music City's Dirty past, Drinking, and Debauchery!

We can almost guarantee that we will have more ghost stories than the other tours.  Be prepared for chills and thrills!  This isn't just a ghost tour.  We will be using EMF detectors, thermometers, EVP recorders, and other paranormal detection instruments to seek out apparitions.  Since we are using expensive equipment, if you are intoxicated, you will not be allowed to use the equipment.  

These tours will be done in the afternoon.  Why?  We've experienced just as much paranormal activity in the daytime as we have at night.   Plus, we will have access to investigate locations that we wouldn't be able to in the nighttime.   

Tours will last approximately 2 hours.  

Patrons will not only get a good time, but they will receive discounts and freebies to bars and restaurants downtown. If you use all the discounts that we provide, the tour practically pays for itself!!  You'll get much more bang for your buck than with other tours. The tour lasts approximately 2-hours.  All participants must sign a waiver of release prior to the tour.  You may be filmed on the tour.  

Ghost Hunts are:  

  • Sundays at 2pm SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER

Tickets are $26 per person.  (Save $1 if you pay by cash.)

All Tours meet INSIDE Dick's Last Resort on the corner of 2nd Ave and Commerce.